Full Cafe Experience

Cafes are more than just coffee shops where you come to pick up your daily coffee. They also serve as central social hubs for communities where people come to build relationships, 

Cafe Amarti builds its foundation on the idea that it's your whole experience that matters, not just your coffee, food, or dessert. That's why we have invested a lot into creating welcoming atmosphere, as well as perfecting our coffee to high industry standards.

We are extremely lucky to be a part of the growing Abbotsford community and we cannot wait to see you all at the cafe.

European cafe in abbotsford opened by a sister & brother after being inspired by their travels

Coffee Spot by Day - Date Spot by Night

Meet Kelly & Jimmy

Our Story

Kelly recently came back from living in Lille, France for 5 months. During her stay there, she visited different cafes and wine bars all across Europe and designed our cafe and developed the menu from her inspirations.

Jimmy lived in Dublin for a year and traveled to Europe last summer. He studied business at UofA and is bringing his experience back to Abbotsford.

Together, they make the perfect business partners to make Cafe Amarti the perfect social spot for Abby!


We serve Vancouver's 49th parallel coffee and tea as well as sandwiches, desserts, wine, and beer.


#320 3033 Immel St
Abbotsford, BC. V2S6S2


Fall/Winter Hours
MON - SAT: 8AM - 10PM

Check our Facebook/Insta for holiday hours